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11x17 Print

100lb Card Stock 

Frame Not Included 


You are called to shine, to impact lives, to influence, to use your voice to speak truth, to encourage, to create, to problem solve. You were born to RUN and CONQUER💪🏼

The world is waiting for you to show up and be fully you. Don’t for a second give into the lie that you’re not important enough, significant enough or valuable enough to contribute into making this world a better place✨

The truth is- no one can do what you can do. No one is gifted like you, sounds like you or loves like you. 👆🏼 That my friend is why you’re unique. That is why your life is beautiful and worth living to the fullest. .

God is most glorified when you shine the way you were created to shine and love the way you created to love. When you do that- you display HIM because you were created in His image💛

'You are a world changer; born to shine & conquer.' 11 x 17 Print

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