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"In His Presence I Find Rest" Pillow Case

60% Combed Cotton

40% Polyester

250 T

Size: 31" x 19" (standard pillow)

If you’ve been feeling tired emotionally and/or physically I can PROMISE you that it’s in the presence of God you will find lasting refreshment. .

It’s easy to fill our lives with temporary things that will “sustain” us for the rest of the day, but let me tell you, a MOMENT in God’s presence can change everything. It can clear your thoughts, usher peace back into your heart and give you heavenly perspective. .

And the truth is- we don’t have to strive to get in it. His presence is already all around us. It’s us that need to adjust, slow down and be aware of what’s available for us 24/7!

I declare a fresh wave of rest and grace to settle over you. That NO fear, NO worry and NO anxiety will be able to touch you. I pray that In His presence you’d find the rest that carries you through whatever it is you need in this season💛( photo by the beautiful @jaydaiye )

‘I Find Rest Pillowcase’

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