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11x17 print

100lb card stock

Frame not included 


It’s time to run after every dream in your heart✨ God is your biggest fan and believes in you more than you know!

Don’t wait for the perfect conditions to take a step toward the dreams God put inside of you. BABY STEPS ARE GOOD. Maybe the first step is talking to God about them more, or writing the dreams down in a journal. The bottom line is: don’t burry your dreams in fear that they won’t work out.

And once you’ve started towards your dreams- hold everything with an open hand. Stay in a posture of surrender because sometimes on that journey God asks us to pivot and to reposition in ways we didn’t except. But ALWAYS at the end of the day, He has BEST in store for us🙏🏼


"it's time to run after every dream in your heart" 11x17 Print

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