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These muslin swaddle blankets are a perfect gift for any Catholic mother and baby. It can be used to swaddle a baby, as a cover while breastfeeding, on the floor to lay on, or as a cozy blanket. It is already soft, but gets softer with every wash. 


Our Lady of Guadalupe- I have always loved the Virgin of Guadalupe and I continually feel her prompting me to bring more images of her into the world. What started as a quick design, turned into a hand cut lino block, which was printed by hand. I was surprised when this block - intended for another purpose - became an inspiration to turn the design into a swaddle/receiving blanket. Wrap your baby in the arms of Our Lady of Guadalupe.


Saint Francis and his animal friends- makes the perfect design for babies and children. This Muslin Swaddle Blanket was hand drawn and includes: Saint Francis, Ducks, Bears, Skunks, Birds, Foxes, the Sun, Moon and Stars, Deer, Fish, Bunnies and Pears. The dear woodland scene will surround your little ones in the intercession of St. Francis and sweet images that will grow with them as they trail their blankie behind them for years to come.


Our Lady of La Leche-  is known to intercede for couples facing infertility and for mothers facing pregnancy complications. I drew her as I was nearing the end of my own pregnancy in December 2019 - she brought comfort to me as a prayed for a healthy delivery. Now as I care for my newborn daughter, I love that the swaddle blanket is a reminder of her presence and the way she wraps her mantle around the two of us as I wade the waters of new motherhood. 


All Things New -  The All Things New swaddle blanket is adorned with rainbows in both baby blue and blush pink. On the bottom of each blanket is handwritten "Behold, I make all things new. - Revelation 21:5." Perfect for all rainbow babies and babies who give us new hope in life. 


43in x 43in
30% organic cotton and 70% bamboo. 

*While we strive to provide the highest of quality items. Please keep in mind that the coloring my vary from your screen. The printing may also fade with time. Please reach out to Customer Service if you have any questions! 


SKU: 0015
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